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Your chance to present at paf 2019

Revolutionising active places and spaces – the theme for this year’s seminar programme
We are inviting submissions to present at this year’s physical activity facilities forum
Potential topics include 

Inspiring activity in children and young people
Outdoor spaces
Creating inclusive spaces that inspire participation
Sustainable design
Facilities that support ‘ageing well’
Schools sports & play 
Holistic facilities  
World class facilities for performance athletes/sportspeople
Innovation in design & build

Please send a short synopsis in the first instance to by 21st June 2019.

Last year’s speakers

Irina Korneychuk & Paul Tilley

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Through Excellence in Sustainability and Active Design

Irina Korneychuk & Paul Tilley, Project Leader – Faulkner Browns & Head of Sport & Recreation at University of Portsmouth

Sustainable design should continuously move forward and look beyond blind compliance with best practice and established green building accreditation criteria. Our current thinking aims to promote not only low carbon sustainable building solutions, but environments which shape student experience through enhanced physical and mental health and wellbeing. This has been a key consideration behind the design of the new University of Portsmouth sports building. By advocating high-quality universal design based on principles of accessibility and inclusivity, we aspire to influence general levels of physical activity. Principles of active design embedded into this project take this one step further, encouraging spontaneous everyday movement and activity through interaction with landscape and architecture, whilst promoting engagement in formal sports.

John Walker & Locklynne Hall

Supporting an ageing population through the creation of dementia-friendly facilities and services

John Walker & Locklynne Hall, Architect – Walker Simpson Architects and Business Director at LiveWire

A review of the strategic development and philosophy behind the new Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub in Warrington which aims to be the first project in the world to receive the University of Stirling’s Gold Accreditation for a Dementia-Inclusive Public Building.

Peter Moore OBE & Gavin Woodhouse

Afan Valley Adventure Resort – A new active leisure Iifestyle

Peter Moore OBE & Gavin Woodhouse, Chairman of leisure and Chairman – Northern Powerhouse Developments

Afan Valley Adventure Resort will be one of the most original and exciting leisure experiences to have been created in Britain for decades.

With its unique and increasingly relevant core theme, it is perfectly positioned to tap into two of the most dynamic sectors of the British leisure market, the Short Break Market and the Visitor Destination market, both of which have vigorously sustained through the different economic cycles of the last 25 years.

It combines the appeal of one of the great success stories, Center Parcs, with its undoubted ability to allow you to totally switch off from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, with a dynamic new core offer, that of an exciting, adrenaline-filled active lifestyle resort experience which delivers both sheer enjoyment and physical wellbeing, in a unique formula that benefits both body and mind, in a part of the country renowned and recognized, in itself, for its natural beauty and its invigorating ambiance.
The stunning Hills and Valleys of South Wales.

Mark Learnihan & Andy Gill

The World’s Fastest Growing Mass Participation Event

Mark Learnihan & Andy Gill, Partnership Director, Active Nation & Founder – Ethics Leisure

We will explore the rapid growth of OCR as a new and exciting way to become more active, how it encourages an inclusive audience which appeals to young and old and more importantly the inactive. OCR has taken the UK by storm as more operators are seeking ways in which they can take physically activity outside the four walls of the leisure centre. With many organisations looking at new ways of building outdoor facilities utilising shipping containers and modular buildings we will discover what some of the best solutions are.

Justin O’Brien & Stuart Manifould

Vision 2020: Building grassroots football for the future

Justin O’Brien & Stuart Manifould, Director, Space & Place Architects & Head of Business Development and Operations, Cheshire FA

Stuart is the project lead for Vision 20/20, a £70Million investment into a world class football facility that will generate large funds to be re-invested back into grassroots football. Stuart is a former education leader and award winning teacher within the Physical Education sector and is now Head of Business & Operations at Cheshire FA.

Nicky Roche

Sporting Capital: Impactful investment in community sport

Nicky Roche, Director of Strategy – Sporting Assets

Nicky will speak about the power of sport, the wider impact it can deliver, and how this wider impact can be used to attract non-traditional forms of funding. Her organisation has a strong focus on social investment, for example loans from socially minded investors and institutions. Sport has yet to seize the opportunities that social investment offers, unlike other sectors such as as the environment. As a result, Sporting Assets has created a sport specific fund, Sporting Capital, with the Access Foundation and funding from the Big Lottery Fund and Big Society Capital. Sporting Capital provides loans which are geared to help deliver social impact and to drive the sustainability of organisations. Nicky will highlight some case studies to show what is possible.  

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