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  • Steve Welch – Sport England “The Future of public leisure – pivot to active wellbeing”
    Marianne Boyle – ukactive “How ukactive are supporting the growth & development of the UK fitness and leisure sector”
    Tara Dillon – CIMSPA “Preparing for the pivot”
  • Lisa Forsyth – Max Associates “The changing landscape of the management of council-owned leisure centres”
    Lyndsey Barrett – Sport for Confidence “Levelling the playing field: Hardwiring sport & physical activity into health & social care”
    Paul Reed – GT3 Architects “Sports & Leisure as Part of the Changing UK High Street”
  • David Minton – Leisure DB “Active ageing”
    Mark Bjornsgaard – Deep Green “How does Deep Green heat all the UK’s swimming pools for free and reboot local economises at the same time?”
    Ollie Bell – Roster “Game On: The intersection of Web3, sport & physical activity”